leave them at school or bring them home to hatch?

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    Some dummy (me) told the director to pick any week in April that I could take a week off. The last week in April was the "ok" week to have me not there.
    Then we set the eggs. Due to hatch the middle of the week I'm not there.

    So, do I bring the incubator full of eggs home with me and hook up the webcam over them so the kids can check it out from school or do I leave them there and hope for the best that the other teacher in my room and the director can handle it?
    I'd also like to see them hatch, but plan to go in the day they are due if things are progressing to check it out for a bit.

    I live 35 mins from school, so if I bring them home, they shouldn't cool down much at all.
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    May 10, 2010
    If you're not opposed to going in on your week off, I'd leave them at the school. Especially if you can trust the other teachers.

    I hatched eggs at my son's preschool last week (well, I took them home for spring break, but otherwise, they were at school). I had a note up on the wall to call me if anything happened, or if anyone had concerns. I also gave the teachers strict instructions to not touch or mess with anything. They were perfect about it.

    The teacher called on hatch day morning to report that several had pipped. Then called the next morning when she got in and found that two had hatched. I came in and moved them to the brooder. Then she called an hour after I left because another had hatched and a fourth was about to.

    All in all, it was a great experience- I had 6/7 hatch, and that seventh egg had died about a week in, so it didn't even go into lock down. The kids are completely NUTS about the chicks, and pickup/dropoff is much slower because all the parents have to come look at the chicks.

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