Left eggs out of fridge for two days


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Apr 24, 2009
are they still edible? It's tax time and we are extremely busy. (We own a handful of H&R Block offices.) I made scrambled eggs the other day and forgot to put them back in the fridge. So scatter brained at this time of year! Are they still good to eat or should I just pitch them?
i leave mine out for about a week before putting them into the fridge. and i dont wash them so they have their protective coating on them.
I keep my eggs on the counter all the time. I did some research about keeping eggs for like camping etc. and it said it was best to use unrefrigerated eggs to begin with. lol. But whats the difference between taking cold eggs out of the nest, and bringing them in to leave on the counter to use at our leisure? Same as cold in the fridge, then warm on counter. I've been doing this for months and we're fine. :) I think they make a nice decoration on the table or counter. and saves room in the fridge!
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I leave my eggs out on the counter for days at a time, and don't even think twice about it-- I think you're fine!

I might pay attention more in the summer if it's really hot and humid (we're in the MidAtlantic, so temperatures can really vary), but especially this time of year, leaving eggs out for a couple of days wouldn't give me the slightest pause.

Eat well!
Never wash and never refridgerate.
The ones that are covered in poo, get washed right before they get used though.

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