Leg paralysis- sudden onset

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    I hope someone can help me as I am VERY new at this. I've has my mini-flock of 3 hens since June when we got them as chicks. In the summer they have been free-range in the garden as much as possible but since our yard is now covered in 3 feet of snow (Boston area), the girls have been staying in the coop. On Tuesday I noticed that one of my hens was acting funny. She was laying down inside to coop when I came out to give them some snacks. This was VERY unusual as she is usually the first one to rush over. I brought her inside and she was able to stand up and seemed fine. So I brought hr back outside.

    Then yesterday morning before i left for work, she was in the nesting box. Usually she will hop out when she sees me coming but she didn't and I just assumed she was busy with her egg. But when I came home from work, she was again laying on the coop floor, unable to stand up or move. Her legs don't look as though they are injured at all. One leg has toes that are more curled up than the other. She sis lay an egg yesterday so she is not egg-bound.

    I brought her inside and gave her some food (rice, broccoli, oats) and she gobbled them up. She also drank a lot of water. Then she did a big runny poop. Very watery. She was alert, chatty and other than not being able to move seemed herself.

    I kept her inside last night and tis morning there has been almost no change except that she is less interested in food and water. Her "voice" also seems weaker. She is still quite alert. tried giving her some cooked egg yolk which she half-heartedly pecked at.

    Normal feed includes layer pellets with oyster shells mixed in as well as leafy greens and other veggie snacks.

    I am completely new at raising chickens and don't know much about vitamins, deworming or anything else. I have been reading this forum for a bit and I can't seem to figure out what path to take. Is it botulism? Poor nutrition? Parasites? The other two hens seem completely fine.

    I really hope someone can help me with this. We adore this chicken and really want to do right by her and get her back to her old spunky self again.

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    Welcome to BYC. Was your hen vaccinated for Mareks disease? I would start some poultry vitamins that include riboflavin (vitamin B2,) in case she has a vitamin deficiency. She may be showing symptoms of Mareks disease. Don't take this post as a diagnosis, but do some reading about the disease and ask questions. Mareks includes 4 types of symptoms, and some chickens only have 1 or 2 of them. Here are some articles to read:

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