leg scale mites?

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  1. mmaddie's mom

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    After treating with WD40 or Pam for leg scale mites, will their legs get looking right again? ... will deformed scales fall off? ... and how long do I treat?
  2. MotherJean

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    You'll want to treat each bird daily for at least 2 weeks. The oil will generally soften the dead scales so you can gently rub them off the legs. It's sometimes easier if you can soak the birds legs in warm, soapy water for 10 minutes and then gently scrub them off in the bath.
  3. mmaddie's mom

    mmaddie's mom Songster

    Really? Those huge scales will rub off? Also, I thought that I read somewhere that treatment was once a week for 3 weeks... did I read that wrong... maybe daily for 3 weeks? Also, which is better Pan or WD40?
    ps: Sorry I'm so dumb about this.
  4. MotherJean

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    My information comes from the University of California, Dept. of Ag and Natural Resources fact sheet on lice and mites found here: http://ucanr.org/freepubs/docs/8162.pdf (page 4 about 1/2 way down).

    It recommends 50:50 kerosene and cooking oil, so I choose to use the WD40. If you're of the school of thought that doesn't want to use petroleum products on your birds, you could also use camphor mixed with vegetable oil. I like the WD40 because it works and the spray makes it easy to apply to birds (like Light Brahmas) with feathered feet and legs - but that's just my personal preference.
  5. Latest treatment I read about is Adams flea & tick spray for dogs, cats, and I guess chickens.
    I'm spraying every three days and it seems to be working.
  6. trilyn

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    Apr 13, 2009
    East Syracuse
    I did the adams flea and tick DIP and only had to do it once. Worked great and yes those scales will fall off.
  7. I only have one roo with it and he is by himself in an isolation situation. I'll have to find the dip....didn't see that, I'll have to look. If I had more than one or two infected it would seem the dip would be the answer.
  8. mmaddie's mom

    mmaddie's mom Songster

    Thanks for all the good info... have started with the WD40 and will check into the Adams spray. Again, thanks all!

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