Leghorn Breeders...there must be some, even just one???

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    I can't seem to find ANY White Leghorn breeders let alone even any Leghorn breeders[​IMG]!!
    Where are you all?? Can I please join[​IMG]???

    I would like to work with someone, almost like a mentor....perhaps?
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    Danne Honour breeds Buff leghorns. He is the Dean of all things Buff and hangs out here on BYC.
    He has a new 3 DVD set out of compilations of wonderful poultry lit he has assembled over the years.
    I drool over it!! . Includes "Art of Breeding" "The Buff Coloration" and a 3rd compilation whose title
    I can't remember. The set is 50. USD and right up there on my "acquire" list, VBG. All in all, 1185 pages
    on poultry breeding. He probably knows everyone in Leghorns.
    Karen and the Light Sussex in frigid western PA, USA
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