leghorn hen always falling over, is this normal?


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May 9, 2011
My 8 mon old white leghorn hen is always falling over things. when she gets into her nesting box she falls into it. when she falls down she will just lay there for awhile. she lays down more then the other birds as well ( just lays down and sleeps, during the day) she eats and drinks as good as the other birds. She is also my silkie roosters favorite, therefore always jumps on her and pulls her comb. when she falls over the other hens just walk all over her. She now is getting wounds on her back and her feathers pulled out. we have seperated her and put neosporin on it. does anyone recommend a saddle for her? Mostly i just cant figure out why she would seem soo weak in her legs. Thanks for any comments/advice in advance
shes been like this for awhile so im not certain exactly when it started. she wasnt like this as a chick. its started between pullet and hen age.( not helpful i know)
Thank you for posting.....i'm still not sure exactly if its a vitamin deficency or a neuralogical disorder, but has brought me closer to figuring it out.
does anyone know if I give her a vitamin B complex and it turns out to not be a vitamin deficency would that cause her any harm?

is the search result for "wry neck b vitamins."

For wry neck sometimes folks treat with vitamins, and so you might find the dosage that has been safe for others here on BYC (not saying that your hen is suspected of wryneck- I'm just responding to your vitamin question).

click on the article "crookneck" on the left column and it details using vit b there

also you might search byc for poly vi sol without iron (baby vitamins).
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No, giving B vitamins is fine. They are water soluble so you pee out the extras. The vitamins to mainly worry about are fat soluble ones that can accumulate in body fats, and others like Iron that bind to things.

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