Leghorn pullet question


6 Years
Aug 26, 2013
This is probably going to sound stupid but....

One of our girls, as I posted recently has decided after being really skittish since we got her that she loves her people a few days ago. It was like a switch in her brain, literally. One day she ran and BAWWWK!'d at us if she even thought we were coming near and hid. Literally the next morning, she suddently let's my kids pick her up, she's being very sweet, decided we are the keeper of food so is to the point of almost tripping me like a puppy will if I even walk outside (our birds are free range during the day). She suddenly loves being held and will stretch and lean into your hand and go to sleep if she is being pet. It is such a dramatic change, its so weird! The rest will come cautiously close if we have food but not her. Not anymore. She literally is all around my feet and hopeful if she even sees me step outside or drive home. She meets me at the steps if she hasn't gotten a chance to get down some steps when she realizes it is me.

I know that some birds are sort of like this when they start to or get near laying and that Leghorns can be early maturing-but she's only 3months. Did she just realize one day we ARE the bringers of food other than what they scratch up or catch, and decide to be hilariously up our butts to look cute and get treats or something?
I have not clue one.
Just be glad that the temperament change happened.

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