Leghorn pullets with "rubber" eggs.


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Jul 10, 2013
I have had one of my chickens laying our first ever eggs. She is a white leghorn and started laying at 16 weeks. 4 of her 7 eggs have been rubber shelled, there is no hard shell at all. 3 of which she layed from the roost. The 3 hard ones she layed in a nest box.
Then this morning I found another egg under the roost with a soft shell. It can't be from my first leghorn as she layed a hard shell egg at 3pm yesterday. I think it's the first egg of the other leghorn (she has been squatting for 2 weeks).

What am I doing wrong. They are on a good quality grower feed (I have young chicks not laying too) and I have oyster shell available at all times. I also crush egg shells which they love and give them a high calcium probiotic yogurt ever 3 days.

What else could I try? Or is this because they are laying too young?
It could be that she is just young and isn't laying proper yet. Mine have started out like that and stared laying normal hard shelled egg within a couple of week, just be patient and keep out the free choice oyster shell.
Just make sure they have calcium, like oyster shell or egg shells. Apparently Purina Layena Plus layer feed has grit and calcium. I have leghorns too, when they were starting out I got 2-3 eggs in one day, about 4 in all. It's normal and they should start laying shelled eggs for now on.
Thanks everyone. I got 2 eggs today, one with no shell under the roost, and one the size of a golf ball in the nest box! It's a surprise what I get every time I go! I hope they sort this laying business out soon :)
I got 1 under the roost also, and in the run and patio. Someone also has laid on the coop floor twice and in our old BBQ smoker!
I'd be more concerned about the eggs being laid in odd places than I would about the "rubber" eggs. The girl's systems will straighten out eventually. I had a BSL pullet that laid a lot of rubber eggs. In one 24 hour period she laid 2 rubber eggs and one shelled egg. She also decided that she would lay in a corner under the perch instead of the lovely nest boxes. Her rubber eggs landed any where she happened to be, and she was clearly uncomfortable when trying to pass one. She looked absolutely miserable. She's now a nice little layer, laying a nice large normal egg, rarely taking a day off. I had to block off the area under the perch, making it completely inaccessible to get her to use the nest box.
If only these chickens would do what we asked. I spent a fortune buying lovely nest boxes and Id love to see them used. Funnily enough they only lay the soft shell over night from the roosts. They lay the hard shells in the nest box sometimes. I just found another very thin shelled on on the ground. Broken up as it has been stepped on. The shell was so thin I think it would have broken even if in the nest box. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I can start getting some eggs for breakfast. Its so disheartening buying shop eggs when my chickens are laying these rubber eggs everyday!

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