leghorn? Unsure.


6 Years
Aug 3, 2013
Pewee Valley Kentucky
I got this chicken from TSC. She was in a bin of sexed pullets. She has kept in line with my other red links from another bin as far as growth so I'm pretty sure she isn't a broiler (at least I hope not).
Any help would be great!
Looks like my white rock hens. I thought they were leghorns until their faces and ears turned red at 8 weeks old.
If she is full sized then the possibles are, Leghorn, California White or White Rock, are my guesses. Her tail looks wrong for a leghorn-and my leghorn was super flighty and skittish. Cute bird!
Thank You!
She is very bossy with the others. She has been since day one. I call her princess Zelda, she acts like a princess amongst the common folk LOL. She's sweet and very social though.
She's about 8 weeks old now.
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