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    Here is the deal. I needed eggs for my bator. I called a woman and got 6 doz. Then my dad went to a sale. I told him I could only use another 6 dozen for the other tray. He got 6 dozen leghorn eggs and 2 dozen cochin eggs. I managed to get them all set. Now I can tell the cochins of course. But I have all these little white/yellow looking chicks. I don't know what came from the white eggs and what came from the brown. I can't sell them as brown eggs layers if I can't determine what is what. Some have little black spots. Some have darker looking heads. Any ideas?
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  2. dadsdeercamp

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    post some pics and someone will help you
  3. tandersphoenix

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    Feb 25, 2011
    Yes pics would be good. If you are going to sell them as chicks could be difficult but as they grow, brown egg layers have red ear lobes and Leghorns have white.

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