Legos to the rescue!!!!


Senora Pollo Loco
13 Years
Sep 4, 2009
I hatched a Bantam cochin with spraddle leg. So, after trying an egg carton, and having used water bottles with holes cut in them and some other suggestions I read in the past for some that had it, I tried LEGOS! A stroke of genius, if I say so myself. I took my kids old Legos and made a little physical therapy trail of sorts. Here are the pictures:

As you can see, the food is available, it can turn around, yet, it can't flop over and get stuck with its legs out to the side. She has only been in it for a few hours and it is helping. She can get out and exercise, but we stick her in there and she will stay until she can walk out. I also hobbled her legs together, of course, but she kept getting stuck on her side and needed more support. I am so glad I thought of this!

I hope this can help some of you save those little peeps who are hatched with bad legs too!
Thats awesome

But I would switch the newspaper with something that has more grip. Newspaper is slippery and its caused spraddle legs in some of my chicks.
Are those the larger Duplo blocks from Legos? - Wow you could make a whole maize for her to traipse thru- it will exercise her legs and her (bird) brain.
The paper is a little wet in some places and she seems to be getting a grip good enough, but thanks for the input. These aren't Duplo, but yes, they are big blocks. I thought about a whole maze, and if she weren't getting much better right away, I would, but she is doing great like this. I have her hatchmate in the brooder with others and it is the most vigorous chick I have ever seen. I am sure she will be catching up quite quickly.

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