lemon cuckoo orpington?


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May 1, 2009
Can someone please tell me how this variety was created? This color is the perfect camouflage for our yard! I wonder if I could casually create a flock of this color (starting with what I've got: buff orps)
I'm not interested in showing, just trying to wrap my head around the genetics. Thanks!
Sorry! I had a beautiful picture earlier and now I'm trying to find it again (ack!)
There is an example midway down the page here:


What I like about it is the buff base color but with the banding. I wonder how this breed originated to include the banding while retaining the buff (you can tell I'm new at this)....thanks
Wow, cool site on Orps. I saw some pretty birds on that page!

Who owns the Lavender Orps on the page? Were those Hinkjcs birds? Or, I am assuming they were the page owners birds?
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Yes! Are they yours? They're lovely!
I have 5 buff orp pullets and I'm wondering how I could breed this (or a similar light pattern--great for camouflage here) into their offspring--I want to keep everything about the orp (size and laying capacity, temprament and broodiess) but tweak the color. I've just never bred chickens before; only taken college genetics
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It's so funny b/c I bought some chicks at auction and I really didn't know what they were b/c i was new to chickens. I now know what types some of these breeds are but since stumbling across this page today I realized that my roosters were Lemon Cuckoo orpingtons! I thought they were some orpie/ brahma mix or something...lol I guess I got pointed in the direction
. I will post pics of mine. I will be interested to see my chicks for this year are already coming out w/ cuckoo feathering. I wonder if a buff x cuckoo will come out with cuckoo feathering? Hmmm....
A question on the hen, I see pencilling on her back, is she from another project? It almost looks brown...

No.......she couldn't have picked up Pg from another project. The only birds starting that project were buffs & barreds.
She is a cull, because of the penciling. I took those pics earlier this year before selecting birds for the breeding pen. She just happened to fancy eating some treats when I was taking the pics & got into the photo.

The penciling was a bit of a mystery to me too. Seems some of the buffs must be carrying Pg & presumably she is heterozygous for columbian &/or dark brown columbian.
Why this is not affected by the barring I do not know. Also the barring does not seem to show very well on wheaten based females.​

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