Lethargic chick - how frequently to force fluids?


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May 5, 2020
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I woke up this morning to find one of my 10-day old buff orpington's not doing well. She stayed under the brooder plate instead of coming out to greet me with the other chicks and then stood by herself. She is not drinking or eating on her own. I mixed some plain yogurt with molasses and we dipped her beak in that and had her take several swallows. Once the feed store opened, we picked up some Chick Boost probiotics and gave her several swallows of that, as well. We also tried to get her to take a little bit of raw egg yolk but it's hard to tell if she swallowed that. She is now huddled back under the brooder but is still lethargic. She doesn't have pasty butt, but the two times I saw her poop it was only a single drop and was kind of milky white. I'm not sure how frequently we should be taking her out to get liquids/food into her. Is every hour appropriate? Any suggestions would be welcome--I am a first time chicken mom and am overwhelmed and sad that one of my babies is sick! She was totally fine yesterday and the two other chicks I have are fine.


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I would give her vitamins and electrolytes. Polyvisol without iron is a good choice. I would cook eggs and mash them up for her to eat. Also, it might be good to separate her from the others, or even have just one to keep her company. Chickens will pick on and stomp on weak ones. Of course, keep her warm.

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