Lethargic chicken, tail down, could be molting?


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
I have a 2 year old wyandotte who is acting slow. She is kind of wobbly on her feet and sits down often. Her tail is droopy. She will still peck around and drink water, but looks depressed. She's always closing her eyes as if going to sleep but never really falls asleep. Could she be molting or something more serious? I have a 3 year old red rock who acts like this as well, mopey and depressed but it will eventually go away when she molts. What could this be? Please help.
Doesn't sound like a molt my chickens go through... I would give the chicken an inspection... Be very sure to check the crop/ droppings as it could be an impacted gizzard or crop... Does the chicken do any unusal movements like shiver, jerk its head? Check for mites etc...
she doesnt do any weird movements, and she does have a runny crop but nothing out of the ordinary for that. She seems a little more active these days, so maybe she was fighting some sickness off. Ill keep an eye on her and thankyou for you help :)
I just found this post and I'm having the same exact issue with one of my chickens....same symptoms to a T. How did your chicken make out??? I'm sooo worried about mine!
I've had this happen now with 2 of my older chickens (3 years and 2 years old). They seem to get very depressed and sickly looking. I've found out though that in a bought a week or two they will start molting and will get a bit perkier. They seem a little depressed still while molting but will soon be there normal self when it's finished or sooner. My one hen even will sit in the hen box for days when beginning to molt. Please let me know if you have anymore questions! I'd love to help and hopefully this is the problem and not anything more serious!
Chickens put much energy into replacing feathers during a moult. Some have more difficulty moulting than others. These are known as "hard moult" birds. Amino acids like methionine, vitamins A,D, E, trace minerals, are all important during this time. People often supplement water/feed during this time. Avian Super Pack is an excellent balance of water dispersible vitamins, electrolytes and minerals. I use it 3 days a week consistently. Many supplement game bird crumbles for extra protein, or use supplements like Poultry Cell mixed in feed. Just make sure the birds are drinking and eating in order to receive the benefits of supplements.

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