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May 26, 2015
I have a BR who has had many problems in the past. In August of last year she had sour crop, a virus, and was egg bound all in a row. She recovered, except for a slight limp, but is otherwise fine. She became a year old in April, and is the diva of my flock. She talks all the time and loves food. But this morning, she just stood there at the end of the pen. No greeting, no nothing. She looked tired, and kept shutting her eyes like she was going to take a nap. I gave her some yogurt to get something in her, and she ate a little. When she wiped her beak, it was slow, not fast like she usually does. I didn't get the chance to see a poop of hers, but will try to later.

Any ideas what could be wrong with her?
Egg bound or impacted crop. Pick her up and see if she throws up. My batam Wyandotte had impacted crop sadly she passed I don't think we caught it quick enough, anyways is your hen dehydrated? And if she is egg bound try to get water in her, if she won't drink that see if she will drink watermelon juice.
I will try both! I picked her up for a short while to check for lice around her vent and her crop felt fine. But will do a more thorough check!

She's one of my favorites! Would hate to lose her!
My diva hen went eggbound and we took her to vet because we didn't know what she had. Also feel around her rump to see if you can feel an egg shaped thing. My mom also did an internal exam but you have to be very careful if you do that because you don't want to break the egg. I hope this helps!
I gave her some yogurt and she ate a little. I said a little prayer, and then had to go into town for a couple hours. I came home and she was back to herself! I've kept my eye on her, but she looks great again!
Thank you for the help though!
Can anyone help...my Hattie is acting strange. She is lethargic, isn't really eating but is drinking the electrolytes we started giving her this morning. She has her beek open all the time and isn't leaving her cage...any ideas? She did just eat a few bites of vanilla yogurt though...Thanks
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Like Brookiejo said check for impacted crop or an egg that is stuck. You could also check for lice and mites.

If she does not have impacted crop, try to get food in her. Scrambled eggs is a favorite.

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