Lethargic, droopy head, doesnt want to walk, eats little


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9 Years
May 10, 2010
This morning, she was fine. When i came home a few hours later, i found her sitting beside the water trough, with her head resting on it. Her vent was protruded and drippy. I watched her for a while, and out popped an egg/. (So i know she's not egg-bound) She's never laid an egg "in public"; only where she's well hidden, in my bike basket. Then a short while later, i noticed what i think you call a shell-less egg, hanging from her butt. i removed it, and she didnt move. Her butt looks normal now. But she's still lethargic; staring at the wall. I gave her some of her favorite treat, meal worms, and she perked up enough to gobble them up. Then went back to mopping again.
Her comb is as bright red as ever. She has been lossing her tail feathers, but i thought she was starting a molt.
-droopy head
-doesn't want to walk
She is 1yr 5months.


I dont see any signs of mites, lice or fleas.
She has never been wormed. Should i worm them while she's sick? I have wazine...
She could of been egg bound for a couple of days and just past the egg today. She is probably pretty tierd from that. When she is feeling better you could go ahead and worm her. Also since she is starting to molt you could give her some cat food too. That might perk her up! I hope she starts feeling better soon. She sure is beautiful!!

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