Lethargic hen down, no other signs, died in only a few hours

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    Apr 12, 2009
    Hi - this is my first posting, and these are my new chickens...we have a small flock that we are raising...they are only 5 weeks old today.

    Yesterday morning our chickens were all fine. Last night, one hen was extremely lethargic, and resting against the wall and being completely unresponsive. Eyes still open, feathers fluffed though, and absolutely no other signs of being uncomfortable and sick, other than extreme lethargy. She let me pick her up, examine her, and her eyes were fairly bright, no discharge, no labored breathing, etc.

    She was upright when I checked her late last night (still sitting, but not with her head down or anything like that).

    And then, this morning, she was gone.

    Nothing obvious, and everyone else is the same bunch of crazy running around chickens that she was, yesterday.

    Any thoughts?

    Again, no change obvious in eating, drinking, pooping, or anything else. Nothing new in the coop, and temperature was stable in there as well.

    I checked her crop area and it did not seem full or hard yesterday, and checked her again this morning and did not notice anything unusual.


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