Lethargic hen, loss of appetite, standing in corner


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My poor little girl "Red" has been like this now for 4-5 days. I don't know what is wrong with her. She has been standing in the corners all day, very small appetite, but still drinking water. She will not roost anymore, instead lays in crate with hay. It's only her and one other hen. They have both been wormed (safeguard 4cc as she weighs 4 lbs) they are clear of mites or any other pests. Coop has been cleaned, DE and sevin. She hasn't laid any eggs in 5 days. I gave her 2 Epsom salt soaks for 15 minutes. I've injected lube into her vent if it was in fact an egg bound situation. And then tonight I gave another Epsom soak, and went into her vent with my finger to feel for an egg and felt nothing. She did seem quite swollen in there as it was not easy, even with ALOT of lube to get my index finger in there to feel around. Seemed rather swollen to me. All of her poops have been quite watery and runny. I've ran out of ideas as to what this could be!!! She is defiantly far from being herself. The last thing I'm about to try is give her a crushed tums tablet. I've been told of egg bound this helps? What else can this be?? Also when she is in her basket, she is not laying down, she is standing as if it's to uncomfortable to lay down? She has her butt slightly dropped down but not significantly...

in this picture, she is still slightly damp from her soak, but this is how she sleeps. Super strange. I gave her a little heat lamp tonight, maybe that will relax her a little.
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What type of SafeGuard did you use? The normal dosage of Safeguard liquid goat wormer or horse paste is 1/4 ml per pound of weight, usually 1/2-1 ml. How old is she? Make sure she is getting plenty of water, and electrolytes may help. Offer her some chopped scrambled egg along with her chicken feed. How does her crop feel, and is it emptying by morning? Is her lower abdomen swollen?
Horse de-wormer. I was in a discussion a while back, and was told multiple times by multiple people that it was 1 ml of wormer per pound of body weights and that's what I've been doing for two years with no issues? Yikes, hope it's not causing harm. My hen is a little over a year. I notice she is drinking, but not a WHOLE lot. Her eating has slowed down, but she still eats. Her crop is relatively full before she goes to bed and empty in the morning. She has electrolytes in water (forgot to mention)..I don't believe her lower abdomen is swollen it didn't feel that way to me. I will give her scrambled eggs tomorrow!
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I'm at such a toss up with her right now! Today she was up and walking around. Tail up in the air. Seemed normal, and then went back to lay down under her heat lamp. I am lubricaring her vent every day and feeling inside but I don't feel an egg? her abdomen does feel slightly swollen. Also inside her vent feels rather swollen. I don't know what else to do for my poor girl as nothing done so far has helped. I know she hasn't laid in about 7 days now. I'm convinced she is egg bound but could it be something else at this point?

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