Lethargic hen with diarrhea/watery poo and some labored breathing

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    Sep 30, 2011
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    My 6 month old Dominique hen is not looking so good. Please advise! 2 nights ago she layed an egg in the afternoon and stayed in the nest box. That evening, she stayed on the egg and then slept standing up. I thought she was going broody. The next morning, she came out with the flock and just stood there all puffed up while everyone scratched around. Some of the hens were pecking at her and when she continued to stand alone with her eyes closed so I brought her inside. She stood mostly in a box of shavings and would regularly take water with ACV and some yogurt if I brought it to her but would not eat any feed. She would lay down in the box like she was going to lay several times, but no egg. I checked to see if I felt anything that might be eggbound but I dont' feel any hard lumps or anything. She still appeared alert and would look around a lot and did get out of the box a few times. Today, she appears to have declined some. She has spend most of the day sitting in the box with her eyes closed. She is taking less yogurt and water and seems to be weaker. Wouldn't eat any scrambled eggs either. She did get out of the box but returned to lay down and now she is breathing heavily with her mouth open. Yesterday her diarrhea was a dark green and today it is more of a watery poo with dark green lumps and whitish liquid. No blood noticed. No coughing,sneezing, wheezing,head shaking or gaping. No discharge of any kind noticed. Her coloring is still normal. Her eyes still seem to be alert and she will look around at us when we are near, so I am hoping that it isn't too late to help. Please help! Thanks!

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