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    Hey! I'm new to this site. We purchased game? hens at a trade day back in May. We kept them in a coop for approx. 3 weeks, then let them out. They roost in the trees. This am 1 of them is lethargic. She keeps her eyes closed. I can open them and they look ok, but she will not open them. She will stand-with eyes closed-but tucks her head when she lays down. They usually won't let us get too close, but we have picked this one up and checked her out. We haven't seen any physical problems-no wounds, and her feathers all seem to be there. The other hens are fine; roaming and feeding. Any ideas about what may be going on? Thanks! [​IMG]
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    Being tired looking with no other symptoms can sometimes mean they have worms or mites, both suck the life out of the bird. You can dust your birds with Sevin powder which you can get at garden stores to keep the mites down. If they do have mites, you will need to reapply the dust. You can also put it in their dusting area so they dust bath in it.

    As far as worming, you can start with Wazine, an easy wormer, used only for one day. Then after 2 weeks, use Safeguard to rid them of the rest of the worms. (using Safeguard first, if they are loaded with worms can be too much on the chicken, processing all the poison from all the dead worms.)

    Make sure they are on a good diet, wormed, debugged and hopefully this all helps. [​IMG]

    Oh and [​IMG]
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