Lethargic loner chicken


Mar 7, 2018
One if my buffs who usually is very social and the first for treats has become lethargic and a loner and isn't eating treats. No one is picking on her.
Not sure what to do.
She's about 10 months old.
She may be getting sick. Any other symptoms? is she eating and drinking? Are the other chickens staying away from her? how lethargic is she. extreme lethargy is she wont get up and wont move when you touch her.
Drinking for sure.. eating not sure food on the coop for all of them and they Are roaming all day. She isn't eating meal worms or treats.
She comes out of the coop but just finds a spot to just hang out.
She's always let me pick her up and hooks her with an issue
Keep an eye on her is what i suggest.you could research some healthy fruits and vegetables for her and if symptoms progress take her to the vet if you can, bu chances are she might be sick but could and should recover as most do. maybe separate her from the flock and do a general examination of her and make sure she looks normal and has nothing stuck anywhere. i have heard they like heating pads and if possible take her inside if its cold. if she stops eating or drinking vet for sure. i would take her inside just so it is easier to keep track of all this.
also give her some scrambled egg to eat and yogurt mixed into her water these are commonly used to help chickens that arent doing too hot.
I would check her crop to make sure that it is not full and hard or puffy like a balloon. It normally should empty overnight. Is she having diarrhea or blood in her poop? I would sepearate her in a dog crate with her own food and water inside the coop for a day to monitor her poops, offer her some chopped egg, and add electrolytes or water or give her some Poultry NutriDrench 2-3 ml daily. Even sick chickens will usually accept cooked egg. You might even want to insert a finger into her vent to check for a stuck egg.
It's looks yellow in pic but its more white​


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