Lethargic, Wobbly Hen


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Aug 25, 2011
I have a one year old Wyandotte hen who has been looking quite lethargic lately. At first I thought it just took her a little longer to warm up in the mornings, but as the days go on she seems less and less willing to run around. She doesnt seem interested in eating this morning, and just sits in the same place with her head tucked, very fluffed up. She makes little effort to avoid me and my dog. Her droppings do seem somewhat runny. When she DOES move around, her walk looks wobbly and awkward. I dont see any outward injuries, but I wonder if she could possibly be eggbound (though she is not showing much nesting behavior). I tried to feel for a stuck egg but I can't really tell what I'm feeling for. At this point (about 4 days into this behavior) she doesnt seem to have lost much weight. Any ideas?
if she was egg bound I would be surprised if she was still alive after four days. Is there any sign of respritory problems. Could she have worms. Have you checked your hen house for red mite.
Bubbles in the eye
Rattle in the chest when breathing
Coughing or sneezing
Runny nose

When was the last time you treated for worms and mites/lice, and what did you use?

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I have not treated for worms/ lice. I've had these birds just under a year and this is the first real problem I've noticed so I have a very untrained eye in this area. I do live in an area where there is a lot of livestock and I have noticed mites in the summer time so I wonder if thats the root of the problem. She doesnt seem to be showing any of the signs of a respiratory problem.

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