A.M. Eggs

Jan 7, 2018
Wichita Falls, TX
My blue andalusian, Bluesy, was not her normal self today. She usually runs right up to me and asks for food with the others. Today, she was in the corner of the pen and looked asleep. I walked over and she looked normal. Her comb was red and full, she laid an egg, her tail was halfway between up and down, and she was just standing. When I brought out her favorite treat, she didn't run up to it. Is she not feeling because of the change in temperature? We had three hot days and today was suddenly in the 50's. Please let me know!!! (I did not see any green poop anywhere)
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She ate a little bit of grass and some of the treat. Not as much as usual. I did not see her drink anything since the group was on the other side of the pen.
What do you think it is? Have you checked her crop to look for impacted or sour crop? Feel of it, and then again in early morning before she has had a chance to eat or drink.
Look her over for lice or mites crawling around her vent and elsewhere. Can you insert a finger into her vent to feel for a stuck egg (use a disposable glove?) My hens will eat chopped egg, even when they are dying, so that is a good treat to get her eating. Chicken feed made wet into a mash is also good to try. Look at her droppings for runny, off-color, or bloody poops. Make sure that the others are not keeping her from food and making her weak. Separating her in a dog crate with food and water but still inside the coop where she can see them is a good way to get her eating, and to collect some droppings.
She is not having any poop stuck anywhere. She is laying normally. I have a new thread for this. I think she might be depressed. Look up Depressed Hen.

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