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Pineapple on pizza?

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Free Ranging
May 21, 2013
S. louisiana
Will your gen run the water heater if everything else is turned off? If so, you can heat it up every other day for showers and washing dishes.
BTW, Plastic utensils and paper plates make life a lot easier after a storm.
It probably would but it would be right at the max watts. It's not a whole house like a generac. And of course all summer I been meaning to make or buy a back feed wire but of course haven't yet. I will before spring I promise you that lol.
Food, drink plastic utensils and plates I'm good on that front. We do have enough food and water and stuff for a month or so
That is one thing we do prepare. I wouldn't call myself a prepper but am prepared
Hack maybe even 2 months
Dog food too
Chickens have about 100lbs so that'll last a few weeks or so


Quail Geek
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May 15, 2019
Sonoma County, CA
My wife too. I have to remind her the cute is only on the outside. They're feral I wonder how its gonna go when there shock wears off lol.
At that age, they can become tame. I could turn that one into a lap cat. I have a lot of experience with cats, and if you know how to treat them, even ferals can become quite sweet.


May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
I will never understand the reasons for bullying.
Heck, I think that's interesting and cool.
Sometimes kids just need to get punched it the nose to set em straight.
There are many reasons people bully. I’m not innocent of it myself. It makes you feel like you have a bit more control of the situation. You’re insecure and afraid and want to do it first before someone else does it. Whatever “it” may be.
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