Let's play "Who Laid That Egg?"


Nov 16, 2020
Here are our 7 girls, and our first 6 eggs. Y'all helped me figure out that Hazelnut is not in fact a Brown Leghorn but rather a Black Sex Link - thanks for that! So my assumption is that Days 1-5 were all laid by Hazelnut since she's been seen in the nesting box around laying time each day, AND my daughter watched her actually lay Day 3's egg. This morning we got another 1st egg (I think), but no Hazelnut egg. Curious. There was also the remains of an egg, similar in color to Day 1 and Day 6, but with some "rubbery" parts holding it all together, that the hens were playing keep-away with. My husband got it away from them and threw it away.

So, any guesses who's laying which eggs?






May 7, 2020
Chippy looks kind of like a RIR which would lay tan/brownish eggs. So would your BR. Hazelnut sure looks like she’s laying so that makes sense. It also makes sense you wouldn’t have an egg from her today if she’s whipped out 4 already (and that last one looking like a double). The three in your top picture all have nice sized combs on them which make me think they’d be close to laying if they aren’t already, but I don’t know what color eggs those breeds lay. Day 6 eggs could have been laid by the same bird. One of mine was lying two a day at the beginning and one was shelled, the second was rubbery. Owelette could be laying, her comb seems to be filling in. My EE comb filled in right before she started and turned bright red within a few days after that.
You could also do a butt check to see who may be laying.

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