letting a older chick help


9 Years
Oct 23, 2010
I am a self-declared hatchaholic so usually have chicks within two weeks or so of each other. About a month ago..DH and I tried putting one smaller (but older) chick in the separate brooder box with the newly hatched as a "trainer" of sorts. We still dip the beaks in the water and have the paper towels and the smaller quail waterer for the new ones..but the older chick will lead them to the food and show them around. It is really interesting to watch the younger weebles trying to follow a more coordinated older chick. We are on our second hatch using a chick trainer and all has been much easier. Nothing takes the place of a Mama hen.. but with incubator chicks.. this has helped us worry a bit less. Has anyone else done something similar?


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