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    Jan 14, 2009
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    I just bought the LG still air incubator. I have 14 e-ggs in there now and will see this hatch to whatever end with the incubator as a still air. After reading several posts and other online sources and dealing with temperature variation in my own setup I want to add the circulating fan. My question for those people who have this bator is if the fan made for it is special in someway, or can I use some form of a computer cooling fan?
    The computer fan would be cheaper and more attainable (the LG fan is around $40 and would have to be bought online), but I don't want to miss having a necessary feature the LG fan may have.
    Is the LG fan (or any circulating setup) wired in a way that it only comes on when the heating element is on or does it run constantly?

    Thanks for your help!
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    My fan was 38. after I got it I went to the local feed store they had the fan for 19.00 So it really pays you to look around. The fan did not help with the temp. swings. If any it hurt. [​IMG]

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