LG incubator??


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
Do i pull the red plug out of the top when i start incubating?? and i should i just fill the water well or should i put a little bowl of water for the humidity?? I havent had a good hatch rate with the auto egg turner and just putting water in the well.....can someone help??
I have the LG incubator but its a waste of time and money:rant thats why im getting a new incubator and u take 1 plug out during the incubation then during the hatch take both plugs out and fill the water well as full as possible
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i have a lg and the first hatch was 6 out of 7. im on my second set of eggs. i put 9 ee's and a barred rock. the barred rock was not fertilized and the 9 ee eggs are all doing fine after 15 days in bator. tuesday was day 15 and i will take out rotator tomorrow and candle again. so i think its a good bator in my opinion.
How did you do it you just put water in the wells and used the auto turner.....and take the red plug out??
I have one that I just hatched in. Only put 1 plug in at first put some water in the well I kept my humidity at about 45 to 50 percent til lock down and after that I kept humidity at about 70 percent. I hatched 22 out of 23 eggs. They are all doing well eating drinking poop machines
kept temps at about 99 to 100 all way through. Do you have a fan or still heat? I kept 4 thermometers in mine so I was sure of temps and 2 had humidity reading on it. The main problem I had was the humidity you have to keep a watch on it. At lockdown take both plugs out. Take egg turner out too. Hope this helps. How I put water in at lockdown was to use rubber tubing like you get for an aquarium and syringes that I got at the feed store just hook the syringe onto the tubing and squirt water into the wells. Put the tubing in when you set your incubator up. Here is a pic of some of my fuzzy butts that just hatched this last Saturday
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