LG....need a way to control the temp better

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  1. ams4776

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    So my lg sucks at the temp. I do let it sit for days before putting eggs in. Was wondering if getting a cardboard box and lining it with styrofoam or insulation then placing my lg in that (but still be able to open it up) may help with the temp changes. Has anyone done this with success?
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    I know there are a lot of LG haters on BYC but I have had several successful hatches in mine. I found when adjusting the temperature you have to be very careful and barely turn the temp control just a slight whisker then walk away for awhile and let it stabilize. I think most people adjust and adjust some more but you have to walk away. The thermostat is super sensitive.
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    I wrapped mine in a beach towel - doubled over.
  4. MobyQuail

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    Sep 10, 2010
    do you have a turner?
    we keep ours in a closet and tape the sides = no drafts.
    and add any water through a syringe and tubing.
  5. ams4776

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    No turner. [​IMG] but i get the temp fluctuations without even touching my temp dial. I would hate to spend so much on a turner for it to still not work. Just wonder what everyone else does. The lg seems to be either love or hate it lol
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    Jul 19, 2010
    I have an LG with the turner and I added an old computer fan to move the air around. The temp changes a little bit but not by more than a couple degrees. I used to worry about it and adjust it a few times a day but now I check it once a day and if it is at 98, I give it a tiny tweak up and if it is at 101, a tiny tweak down. After touching the dial, I walk away until the next day. Sometimes I go a few days to a week without touching it. I don't monitor the humidity at all, I just add water to the wells when empty. My hatch rate is about 65%. I'm only hatching eggs from birds I own when I have too many eggs to eat or sell so there is no major cost for the eggs. I suppose if I was hatching rare or expensive eggs, I would upgrade because this thing is a piece of junk...but it does work for me 65% of the time and it meets my current needs.
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    Quote:Ditto! Me too
  8. ams4776

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    Okay thanks everyone. It just changes on its own to much. But then my house temps are all over too. We have no ac just lots of fans.
    Ill think bout it all. Who knows maybe something sweet will pop up on craigslist or ebay before i plan to hatch again. [​IMG]
  9. ChickyChickyBaby

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    Quote:I love my LG. No fan, no turner.

    If your house temps aren't steady, your incubator won't be either.
    You could try moving it to a closet that has no drafts & pretty much stays the same temp & see if that helps. Give it at least 24 hours to adjust to the closet.
    Also as previously stated, when adjusting the thermostat, do it just a tiny bit, then walk away for 24 hours. Do this repeatedly until reaching the desired temp.

    At night, mine is a couple of degrees cooler at night than during the day due to cooler night temps. The room temp fluctuates by 1* to 2* from day to night. This does mean I hatch a day later also, in some batches.

    Even cabinet incubators don't hold temps with fluctuating room temps [​IMG]
  10. ams4776

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    I have a small old house with my basement having been my best bet. Also the only place both dogs and kids cant bother it. No closets or anything to put it in. It's usually cool this time of year but the temps here have been soo up and down. Thats why i thought extra insulation around the incubator would help. I have till spring to figure something out.

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