LGD needs a new home


10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
Wild Mountain Thyme Farm, PA
I hope this is appropriate here, I am posting this for someone else.
I am posting this for someone else, so I may be sketchy on some details. Ed has a 5 year old intact male GP that needs a home asap. He got Frosty as a rescue, I think about a year ago, and has to move suddenly and needs to find him a new home. He has experience around goats, horses, sheep cows as well as chickens (I think on the chickens). He currently is with another dog, not a LGD and does very well. Ed is travelling now so would be able to transport the dog around the Northern Tier of Pa, to Lancaster County PA and a trip to North Carolina is also coming soon and so he could be taken there as well. Please message me for Ed's phone number if interested. If you you can't take him anyone know of someone to foster him until a home could be found? Thanks

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