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    May 1, 2016
    South Dakota
    I just wonder if there is any problem with selling eggs from our ducks? We only have a pair, but may be getting a couple more females this Spring. Our female has laid one to two eggs all winter. I ask as my husband developed a horrible reaction or allergy to duck eggs, and I can't even tolerate chicken eggs all the time, either. So I wondered what if that had happened to someone who had bought eggs from us? Is there any liability on our part?

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    Each state will have different laws and requirements. Some of that might depend on how you sell them (Farmer’s Market?) versus out of your back door. Some might have a dollar limit, how much you sell in a year.

    I suggest you call your county extension office and chat with them. This sounds like something they can get accurate information on. It may be a case where if you wash and refrigerate your eggs you are OK but if you don’t wash or refrigerate you could be in trouble if something happens. I have no idea how South Dakota handles it.

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