Lice/Mite Preventive


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
Northern Idaho
I keep seeing threads on how to treat lice & mites, but I was wondering if you do a preventive and what your process is? I would rather prevent, then treat. Thanks so much.
After having a mites infestation last fall I now do preventive, I use Epernix pour-on there is no egg withdrawl and you can get it at Tractor Supply or order on line.. 4 drops for small fowl, 6 drops for large fowl put at base of neck on the skin between the wings.. this will also kill internal parasites. I also treat the coops with DE,Poultry protector and even sevin if needed.
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I use the eprinex also twice a year (spring and late fall), and may alternate valbazen in. I usually put sevin dust along edges of coop inside and use pine shavings which get scooped daily and usually need to add some by week's end. Sometimes I spray permethrin on roosts and near walls where ants, etc. might try to sneak in.

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