Lice....Should i cut the eggs off?

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    I noticed a few days ago that my girls have lice again, they are only around their vent's not under their wings, when I picked up my RIR just a few moments ago, I noticed what looked like eggs on her feathers, should I cut these feathers off of her? I put seven dust in their coop, nesting boxes and on their butts but should I take care of them anyways?
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    I''ve plucked out a few feathers in cases like of clumps from mites. Plucking always hurts for the chicken (Small feathers or old feathers close to ready to molt not as badly) but is sometimes worth the benefits.
    If the feathers have been grown in fairly recently, I think a chicken actually feels pain if you cut somewhat close to the base of the quill, but if the feathers aren't that new it probly wouldn't hurt. However, if you pluck feathers, they start growing back in right away. If you cut them, new feathers aren't grown in until after the chicken's next molt. Which may leave you with short-feathered chickens during cold weather. Ack.
    I've never dealt with lice on chickens. With mites, alot of the white clumpiness is actually poop & body leftovers. If you treat again a couple weeks after the first time, you can get most of any newly hatched eggs.
    But with lice... [​IMG]

    Anyone else know?
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    To get lice eggs off you can use unrefined coconut oil. Just liquify it and put it on. After a while it makes them dissolve. Someone posted something else they used on a thread before but I cannot remember what it was as I had the coconut oil.
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    We dealt with lice when we got our d'uccle roo back in 2010. I assumed that the large tough mass of whitish clumps was tons of lice eggs, but now I'm wondering if it was from mites (as speckledhills described), although the only mites we knew he had were scaly leg mites. Either way, I tried dissolving the masses (mostly in his beard area) with coconut oil and something else (can't recall now), and they weren't budging. I ended up cutting them out. So he was beardless until after his molt that fall. [​IMG]

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