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Sep 24, 2007
My sister just found out her 10 year old daughter has lice. She has had them for about a month now. My sister cut her daughter's hair, took off about 4 inches. Poor niece thinks her life has been ruined.

Anyone have any good remedies to getting rid of these pesky things? Sister is treating my n iece with "Rid", vacuuming her furniture and washing all bedding in scalding hot water. She said it is like pulling eye teeth to get the eggs out of each strand of hair.

Poor Hannah!


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Nov 21, 2007
I had lice when I was young, it was awful. I got it from school. Cut my hair, put plastic on the pillows, and lots of medicine. Gooey stuff all over my head.


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Feb 20, 2007
Shepherd, Texas
They were magnetically attracted to my sister for some reason when we were kids. I never had them, but she did a few times. My kids also got them in elementary school, but I never had a tough time getting rid of them. Just make sure that she follows through on the instructions with the RID, then use the bedding spray that goes along with it. She'll have to check her daughter's hair again in two (? I think) weeks to see if any more have hatched. They'll be very tiny and look like specks of dirt, so tell her don't be deceived in thinking she just got sand or something in her hair. It was a pain in the rear, but I never cut my daughter's hair. We just stayed on top of it until I was satisfied they were all gone.

My sister ended up having to get a perscription from her pediatrician for my niece. She kept getting them every time she went to her cousins' house, and found they were resistant to the RID. She finally got rid of hers and stopped letting her go over to her SIL's house.


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Jun 12, 2007
Alberta, Canada
I taught DVBS a few years back, and brought my 4 daughters (with very long hair!). 2 were helping and 2 were in it. Well, part way thru the week we are painting, I take the paint shirt off one girl, and just about lost it! The poor girl was covered! All I could think about was that for the past two days 2 of my daughters and I had been hugging and lovin' on this girl! SO I told the mother when she came to pick her up, the mother knew! Said she had already treated her! It would take a blind man not to see how this little girl was covered! Anyways, long story short...this girl had struggled with it for months! Her mama had given her the treatments, but did not do the nit the bugs my girls and I got, yes, all 5 of us, were very resistant to the products from the drugstore. We finally used tea tree oil and olive oil mixed, put a shower cap on our heads for 20 mins, three days in a row, and repeated in 9 days, plus nit picking. We picked for HOURS, but also listened to "audio books" and the time went by nicely.

Wow that was long, sorry! I really feel for any mother that has to go thru that! We really didn't want to cut our locks off, but i would have if it was nessesary!



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Mar 31, 2008
Ferndale WA
Sorry to hear about the girls, it can be a little upsetting, but I agree with
Omeletta about what to do. Two of my girls had it about two years ago, and we got rid of all hair brushes and combs and bought new ones plus a dog flea comb,
and used the oil on their hair, and I went a pickin. I think it took about 3 or 4 weeks. and just told the girls to make sure they didn't share brushes or combs with other girls also. Hope they get over it soon. Maybe buy a book they can read to mom while she is doing their hair or something.

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