lices or mites killing chooks


5 Years
Aug 4, 2014
Canberra Australia
Hello BYC
Yesterday I inhetited 5 of my sisters rhode island reds and 4 ducks (2 pekings 2 kakhis)
The chooks etc have come from her coop which was on a large property surrounded by wild rabbits/ birds /kangas and rats... sure enough the hens appear to of contracted lice? And Most definately contracted scaley leg mites! evidence is there... scaley/scaby feet/ loss of toenails... lose of feathers/ red bald patches. The chooks and ducks came from her coop which she did try to clean however the coop was surround by these pests. She did also occasionally treat the feet in soapy water.
Anyway long story but the chooks overall health doesnt look good. loss of feathers, scaby feet, raw/red skin, frail looking, weathered. The chooks have been in my coop for 30hrs... prior to putting them into the coop the chooks feet were dunked in tea tree and the new coop smother with DE. I let them out for 6 hours yesterday and 3 of the 5 chooks were surprisingly active... making a mess with the yard. 1 however was slowly walking... then was sitting down every other time i looked at her. I locked them up today whilst at work... not confident to have them free roam yet. Checked them this morning although they looked sleepy they were all relaxed in the coop. Anyway I returned from work this arvo to find a dead chook. The weak one from yesterday. She was in a nesting box and appeared 'trampled'
I have no idea what to do... there appears to be a number of factors to the COD
1. Lice/mites
2. Stress of moving
3. Peking order?
Another of the RR appears to be weakening... and alone... the other 3 gang up? On the roost together?
The ducks are Active as usual. And look surprisingly healthy, smooth / soft feather... bright orange bills and feet.
Ive will be DE-ing the coop again in 4 days... as well as maybe 'maybe' using ivometic on the chooks. Thoughts?

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