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    May 31, 2008
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    While times are hard for so many of us, I have reached a good point in my life right now. My son turned 15 this morning, and I'm blessed with every moment he has given me, DD is about to finish massage therapy school and DH and I are continuing to work on our relationship, something he was ready to give up on a few years ago. We got back safely from our vacation, and spent time with family and friends. Got to meet my grandfathers 90 year old girlfriend. Sweetest little old lady from England. She loved how I have chickens and goats. Had some unexplainable chickens deaths awhile back, that seems to have worked itself out. Maybe it was the heat? We still struggle with money issues, and I'm still wanting more of a job than just helping DH out at the shop occassionally. But life is good, and for everything in it, Im thankful! [​IMG]
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    That is great Lisa! we are doing ok too. Yeah I am still unemployed but we get by. I plan to start school this fall and for now we are geting through.
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    That's wonderful, Lisa. Things are going well here too. DH's company has everyone back to full time, my gardens are in and growing, my boys are happy and right now I am watching a dark headed junco feed its baby while an American Goldfinch eats out of my feeder. Yes, life is good.
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    Jan 16, 2009
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    Awesome news!

    I too am quite content, and really have been for awhile. Oh, the kids give me major headaches, and some days I really, really can't wait for one or all to grow up and move out, but I know I"ll miss them when they do, or at least that's what people tell me who've lived through the teen years [​IMG]

    I've learned to garden and can, keep chickens, and do homemaking more old fashioned ways. We may not have as much as other or do as much as others, but we sure seem to be enjoying life way more than others (well, except the kids, but really, their teens - their job is to NOT enjoy life, LOL)

    I really do feel sorry for all the folks out there who think "Life will be good if only . . . . . .. fill in the blank" or "I will be happy when . . . . . . fill in the blank" What if that never happens? Then you just missed your whole life, filling it up with longing or wishing, instead of appreciating what you did have.
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    Feb 4, 2007
    even with all the crap i have been handed.. i try to keep it positive. yeah my neighbor was a butt for saying that my chicks need to stay in my yard or else he's calling the sherriff... but that got my coop done faster.. so won't have problems with the preditors.

    yeah, my plumbing took a poop(no pun intended.. ok maybe a little) but now we have new pipes and no worries on plugging for long time [​IMG] i also have a new toilet. [​IMG]

    my dog couldn't walk.. but now he's better. walking and running and being naughty LOL

    my mom's friend was totally rude to me at my mom's 50th b-day party but now my mom sees what a witch this woman truly is. and how self centered and selfish she is.. and how much of a bad parent.

    i had my chickens killed off by the nieghbor dog.. but at least i didn't have to choose which rooster(three of which i loved) i had to cull.. now i am down to one.. and frankly. im glad that i have him. cuz he's gorgeous. plus it made moving them more easy LOL. fewer to cram into a cage to transport or even keep in that cage until coop was done.

    but the biggest sad part in my life.. seems to be the happiest. if you can call it that. my dad having cancer... yeah it's totally a tear jerker and a depression maker, but all in all, it made us stronger as a family. i realize and everyone else does as well, that life is short. take what you can from it now.. you don't know who will be gone tomorrow. i mean yeah, my dad will be gone in a short time.. but anyone can. and yeah, i am sad and i do cry cuz i realize a lot of my life will be missing after he passes.. but i think of all the things he has given me.

    it might have taken me longer to realize that even though i have had some crap in my life lately.. it could be worse and it will get better..even if it has to get worse than worse beforehand. i hope that it gets better soon.. though i know it won't. (with my dad that is.. esp with new chemo)

    so, i think people need to look at it as though "everythign happens for a reason"
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    Apr 3, 2009
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    Go on, good, grateful people! Thanks for sharing the good stuff.
    Thank you guys for reminding me that I forgot to make my list (10 things I'm grateful for today)....better get on that before the day is through!
    I know it's a little corny, but the list really helps me focus on the positive.
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    Life IS good..
    Every day that i wake up i am thankful. Truly..i know how short our life really is... its over in a blink.

    Every day that i get to spend with my husband i am SO so thankful.
    I'm thankful that my husband shows me daily how much he loves me. From reminding me and getting me my thyroid medicine everyday... (cause he knows that i forget to take it..)... to cooking me dinner at midnight if i want it... to making sure the shower is clean.. and the dishes are done... He builds me any size coop that i tell him we need... and he'll drive to Ohio(in a snow blizzard..) to pick up a puppy if i ask him to..
    to culling my hens if they are sick... (it kills him to do it... but he does it for me... so i wont have to do it..)..and sooo much more.
    My husband shows me every day of my life how much he loves me, in every little way.
    I never thought i'd get so lucky in life.
    My only true regret in this life is, I dont feel that i show him enough how much i truly appreciate and love him.
    Thats something i need to work on... I dont want any regrets.

    I'm also very lucky in my family...
    Both my parents are still alive. And i was raised always, always knowing that i was loved. And that they would always, always be there for me. No matter what happens in my life...i know that i have my family.
    Not everyone is so lucky in that area. And i'm truly thankful for it.
    My only regret... i'll be destroyed when my parents pass away... i'll be lost. Not sure if i can handle that...

    No, my life isnt perfect... *snort*
    My husband is laid off of work a lot..(hes a sheet metal worker in the union...and there are just NO jobs right now..)
    So..thats always stressful...
    I'm also going through infertility treatments because of a chromosome disease that i have... and yes, thats very stressful.. and heartbreaking for us.

    But ... i still always remember how lucky i truly am... I could be sick and alone and un-loved in this life...
    Life is so short, folks.. enjoy it.. LIVE it!
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