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Sometimes I think that I did not do a very good job raising my kids. They are soooo... well.... clueless!!!

Today's story, just one of many: I asked him to run a few errands but 1st go to the bank and get some cash out to pay for the errands. Seems like an easy task.
Til the phone rings....

DS: How do I get money out of this machine
Me: Well, start by putting the card in and then follow the directions.
DS: It says there isnt enough money to take out 40$
Me: Well, that cant be right. Try it again
DS: It let me take out 20$
Me: OK. Just do it again for another 20$
DS: OK I got it.

So, as anyone who has given their child their ATM card, I immediately get online to check the transaction

The final result... cost me 7$ to get 40$ because he DIDNT GO TO OUR BANK. So they charged 3.50 PER TRANSACTION

This is the same DS who made all of the Mothers Day cards late last year because I sent him to the PO to get stamps. I said 'get pretty ones'
So, he got that part right. But he purchased postcard stamps for regular envelopes and put them on and mailed them out so they all came back for additional postage.

Did I mention that he is 20?

I dont know where I went wrong


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Mar 29, 2010
If it makes you feel any better I've been through this with my husband. The thing that made it really bad was that I had told him specifically what bank to use, and that the picture on the card matched the picture on the bank's sign. Fifty years old and doesn't know the physical location of the bank we use. Last month I had the 9 year old show him how to use the "pay at the pump" feature at the gas station. He said he won't do it again because he is afraid a clerk might think he is driving off without paying.


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LOL.. ah... my hubbys dumb as a stump sometimes and hes pushing 40...
Heck... i'd say your kid is doing pretty good!


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May 14, 2008
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I'm only a few years older than your son, and I think I know what the problem one ever tells you this stuff! I didn't know how to balance a checkbook until I was 19. I think my parents assumed I was taught how to balance a checkbook in school, and I think the school assumed the parents taught you how to do that.

You sorta go through life having everyone else do all these things, and then suddenly, you're the one that has to do them. It can be a curveball for some people.


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Feb 23, 2010

Always blaming the man...

Now, a well-trained woman would know enough to simply
GIVE the young man forty dollars cash and draw a well detailed
map on the back of the shopping list.

You see? The problem was not the boy's fault at all. His mother
did not provide all necessary details.

Take my wife for instance. She knows better. She's been trained.

I give her my paycheck. I don't know how she turns it into cash money.
Some kind of wifey magic, I think. But she knows if she expects me to go
get something, she'd better give me cash, make sure we have gas in the
car, tell me where the store is, and write down exactly what she wants.

We are men. We have things on my mind. Important manly things.

Running your errands is not in our list.
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