Light Brahma - Rooster or Hen?

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6 Years
Mar 25, 2013
This is supposed to be a Light Brahma Hen, but I'm thinking maybe it's looking like a rooster.... opinions? Thanks!!
Bump! I'm anxious to hear what others think of the sex. Are Light Brahmas hard or easy to distinguish the gender?
How can you tell? I am a young Jedi and want to learn. What are the giveaways?

She doesn't have any visible wattles that I can see. I also don't see any hackle feathers growing in but that could be because of age. Brahmas do mature slower than a lot of other breeds, but she looks like my girls when they were that age.
I would say hen as well. No wattles and the comb is not long-which is one indicator a breeder shared with me about how they sex their birds. Everyone has their own tricks but I think she's a hen.

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