Light Brahma, Rooster or hen??????


5 Years
Aug 8, 2014

Here he/she is. I purchased (3) light Brahmas and (3) barred rocks (1) month ago. At the time I was told they were (4) months old, making them now (5.5) months old. I've noticed this chicken pictured acting and looking different, especially in the comb. I'm a new guy who is learning the ropes as I go. If the bird is in fact a rooster, can in prohibit the hens from laying? I hope they start to lay soon, they have grown a ton in the last month. thank you for all help, this site is great.
It does look male. He won't stop the hens from laying. He will try and mate with them, causing the eggs to be fertile, but as long as you collect the eggs daily and put them into the fridge, you won't even be able to tell.

I have six buff Brahmas, and I just love how fluffy they are. They are HUGE beautiful hens. I was actually supposed to get one male chick, but they all turned out to be female.
One main thing I/we look for is saddle feathers (located on their back, just before their tail), which are always really tough to see in a picture of a white bird.

Your Light Brahma could be a pullet getting ready to start laying (when they get ready to start laying their comb and wattles get bigger and become bright red and waxy).

#1 - Check the saddle feathers. "Normal" and rounded = pullet. Long, pointy, and very shiny = rooster. Or if you could try and get a close-up picture of the saddle feathers that would be great.

#2 - Check the pointy pin bones located on either side and just below the vent. If you can fit 2-3 fingers in between them then it's definitely a pullet getting ready to start laying. (this isn't at all gross if you use the tush fluff strategically)
I am leaning towards rooster. If it is a rooster, your hens will lay just fine, no differently than without a rooster. Like chicmom says, just make sure to collect and refrigerate the eggs daily and you won't know the difference.

Also, just FYI, I doubt they were 4 months old when you bought them. I've had many Barred Rocks and the ones in your picture look to be about 16-18 weeks old now.

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