Light colored yokes?

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    Jul 11, 2010
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    My chickens are not laying yet, but I bought two dozen eggs from a neighbor and have found that his eggs have very light colored yolks. Is it that this person is not feeding his flock nutrient rich foods? If my hens don't free range, are my eggs going to be this color? (I want them to free range, but my dog is a chicken killer, so we are trying to figure this all out) I give my hens scraps from the kitchen, like corn, fruit, and some other treats as well as bugs I can collect from my garden.

    I guess I was just wondering what such a light colored yolk means.

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    I occasionally get light colored yolks from some birds & bright from others. I think it has to do with what they eat.

    Free range will definately make the yolk better, but if you suppliment with veggies from the garden & the occasional bug or two they should get enough to make dark yellow yolks.

    The yolk can lighten at the end of the laying season for a bird too - the color is also in thier skin. You can tell a bird that has white skin in its feet that should be more yellow or orange, will lay light yolks.

    In my opinion - they are all better than store bought, but the darker the yolk the better the egg.

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