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    Feb 22, 2011
    My Barred Rocks are now 15 weeks old. I moved them into their new permanent coop about 7 weeks ago. I have always kept some type of light on for them at night since the beginning. When I moved them into their permanant coop, I did not put a light and they went absolutely crazy at nightfall. I fought constantly for the first couple of nights as they were screaming and climbing the walls, and ended up having to put a low wattage light in the coop. The minute I put the light on, they went to sleep. The run is roughly 14'x7'. I am still putting the light on at night. The funny thing is they will make all sorts of noises trying to get my attention as nightfall approaches telling me that they want the light on. Immediately as the light turns on, they go to their roosts and go to sleep. There is enough room for them to get away from the light if they want to. Some move away from it, some sleep directly under it. However, if I go out very early in the AM before the sun rises, they are not near the light anymore. The reason I am posting this is because I've read so many articles regarding lighting affecting laying for chickens, etc. What do you think about my situation?
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    i had chickens like that so i left a light on in the coop but i always keep the light away from the nests beacaue thet like dark places to lay there eggs
  3. i use a couple of inexpensive solar lamps that you get at Wallmart, or Home Depot. The ones for lining the pathways or driveways, decks etc? cost me about $15. They charge all day and i put them in the coop up high at night and they give off just enough glow for them to be comfortable. Mine also gave me eggs all winter too, not sure if it was from teh light or not, but hey, it's a cheap alternative.
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    I do the same as what Fishnet said. Only difference is that my lights are setup in the window of the coup so they charge on their own and when it gets darks the light comes on and it just enought to coax them in at night. I have noticed no effects on laying eggs and i think that is most likely due to how dim the light is. I use to have 2 in the coup and now just one and it still works for me.

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