light or no light


8 Years
Mar 18, 2013
Mansfield, MA
Hey out there

I've got 7 week old chicks that are still in their kennel cage cuz I'm not quite done with their coop and pen. Soon hopefully!
My question is they have a brooder light on still although they def don't need it for warmth. I actually think they may be too hot down in my basement with the light on. I've tried to shut it off for the night and have a night light on so there is some light for them.
I don't think it bothers them, but I worry they may not eat enough at this early stage.
I realize they need a certain amount of light when they begin to lay but what about now at 7 weeks? Can I shut off the light say at 10 pm and turn it back on at 6 am for the day? It is kinda dark in my basement toward the latter part of the day.
I know I can incorporate a timer too. And I may down size the heat light from 250 w to 100 w bulb until they can go out to their coop and pen.

Any input would be great!


6 Years
Mar 24, 2013
I turn the light off in my brooder when I got to sleep. They seem to do just fine. My girls are a little younger than yours. I have changed my bulb out for a normal light bulb, just for light.

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