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    I guess the issue of lights is a pretty hot topic here. I have a single chick, with spraddle. The goal is to get the chick up and walking and return him/her to the home flock. I had chickens years ago, when I was young and I remember that we had them under a light. Right now, a red light might be a challenge to find. If the chick is in the house, does it need light? Right now, I have a warm water bottle wrapped in a towel for warmth. I can try to get a light on the chick if it would help but I am wondering if it will be okay without one.
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    Yes the chick needs 90-95 degree temperatures during the first week and decrease by 5 degrees per week (with room to get away from the light).

    I use 100 watt bulbs, as many as needed to make the chicks warm enough. I use clamp lamps from Home Depot (they sell brooder lamps). In a pinch you could rig a lamp with a rubbermaid tote somehow under it. Do it in a very safe way so nothing gets too hot, however, to prevent fires.

    The chick will start jumping and flying very quickly so this would be a temporary measure.

    Do you need assistance with spraddle leg treatment? Here is a nice website:
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