Light sussex boy or girl?

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Jun 8, 2011
Bowen Mountain, NSW
We have two light sussex chickens we hatched, just can't tell if they are boys or girls, there is only 2 of them, they are 21 weeks old.



there is a photo of both of them together, one has a small wattle than the other, they are the same size.
Look roo to me. The hackle, neck, feathers look pointed. Hens will be rounded. Also as noted saddle feathers are showing on one. Tails are starting to grow out too.

Actually amazed that neither has crowed yet being that old. Do you have an old rooster around? Older roosters keep cockerels quite.
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There are 2 other roosters in the pen, 2 brothers that are silver spangled hamburgs, and they are very noisy, they are going to new this weekend, I thought that they might be keeping them quite as we had an Australorp rooster and as soon as he went to a new home the hamburgs started crowing, that would make sense, I am thinking maybe both are roosters as their neck feathers look the same and on their back the feathers are starting to part near their tails, there are some curved feathers in their tails, they are my sons, so he will be peeved as he wanted a hen, we can't keep the roosters. Thank you for your help.
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