Light Sussex VS "Columbian" patterned bird

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  1. In the SOP, all birds that are Columbian Patterned say "refer to Columbian feather pattern description" when you look at the SOP. This holds true for Plymouth Rocks, Wyandottes, Light Brahmas, Leghorns....I'm sure I have missed a few. HOWEVER, the SOP "describes" the feather color/plumage details in Sussex section of the SOP.

    My question is this:

    Light Sussex look like a Columbian patterned bird to me. Are they not? Other than skin/shank color, tail angle and some minor other differences I cannot see a difference between them and Columbian Plymouth Rocks.

    Can someone who is a Sussex or genetics expert weigh in here for me please?

    I am simply investigating long term options for improving my Columbian Plymouth Rock LF and the Light Sussex looks to me like they might could help

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    One difference between Columbian patterned birds and the light Sussex is in the saddle feathers on the males. For Columbian Rocks, Wyandottes, etc the SOP states "silvery white with an elongated V-shaped black stripe increasing in width, length and density as it nears the tail coverts". For the light Sussex the saddle feathers should be solid white.
  3. Quote:Thank you VERY much.....that looks to be a BIG difference

    Thanks again
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    Also for CR the under flufth (stuff under the feathers) should be slate blue/gery

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