Light to help encourage pipping/hatching?


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Sep 7, 2009
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Curious if anyone has ever done any light therapy to ehlp encourage chicks to pip or hatch? Since my son is a science major he asked if light effected their hatching timeline like humidity and temp do. I told him I didnt know but we would run a few tests to see if it makes a difference. I have noticed they rock away when the light is shown on them. So I think one egg who is a rockin away will have some light therapy as well. on for 10 off for 30-45 then on again with no extra light at night when everyone is sleeping.
I've noticed they do get active when I first turn a light on. I think it's important to let them sleep, too, so we don't leave a light on at night. I'd be really interested in seeing the results of a scientific study with a control group.
I told my son he can run a control hatch down the road with two bators and varied light influence from day 18 on. Would be interesting to see how it work out. It has to be after we move as we have a hatch house on the new property, easier to control the hatch then as opposed to now.

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