lighting in coop?

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    Will hens in their first year of laying require extra light in the coop to continue production? I have 2 hens who just started a couple weeks ago and 3 who I expect to begin laying sometime in November. Should I supplement their coop with light or will they continue to lay eggs their first winter? Will my little ones even begin to lay without supplemental lighting?

    Also, is there such a thing as a battery operated light with a timer? lol! I don't think DH would be thrilled about running electricity out into the coop. We have a solar light out there now (was already in there when I bought it) but it's not on a timer and with the lack of sun here in the lovely PNW in the winter, it won't work...

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    I like electric in the coop but right now it's just an extension cord. I'm trying to get real power run before winter.

    Yes, a light helps. Just enough light at roost height to barely read a newspaper by.

    Strive for 10-12 hours including daylight. An eastern window at roost height helps.
    One of those solar lights that comes on at dusk should pick up enough power to burn a couple hours which would help.

    More importantly is power to keep the water from freezing.

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