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5 Years
Jun 13, 2014
Hi all,

I want to put a light in the coop, it's their first year and they haven't started laying yet so I don't want them to stop once they get started.

This is my situation.

I have an automatic door that is solar powered with a light sensor. It works perfectly.

If I set a light in the coop to go on early (my coop is 10 x 10-how big should the light be) will my chickens wake up and wanna get out? Should I instead put the light to come on in the evening?

Either way, the door opens at dawn and closes at dusk.

I have some hens that had not started laying yet, and I have hens just over a year. My new ones had not laid yet, and my older ones went into molt. I tried putting in a light still nothing, yesterday I added grain/corn to their reg feed and one laided a first egg and one of my hens is laying again. I hope they all catch up.
I understand where your coming from. My girls just aren't old enough yet. They will probably start in November sometime. When they do I want them to continue thru the winter, not slow down. I am concerned with the light waking them up early and the sensor not opening the door yet.
Ok, I guess my question is not being understood.

I have the automatic door, open at dawn closes at dusk.

I wanna put a light in the coop to keep the girls laying, that is after they eventually start laying cause they aren't old enough to do so yet, but when they eventually do I don't want them to stop for the winter.

When the light comes on in the coop if I use it in the morning, will it affect their sleep and wake them up before the auto door opens and get the upset?
Hi yellowcoop, chickens are very good at following a routine once they get used to it. If your light comes on at 4:00 am and the door opens at 6:00 am that's what they will grow accustomed to. You should not have a timed light at night. When the light turns off at night to total darkness the chickens may injure themselves getting up on their perch. They have terrible night vison. Good luck.
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