Lighting to increase daylight - bad when there's POL pullets?

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    Jul 19, 2009
    I had read on a poultry site something about changes in lighting program...that there should NOT be sudden increases in day length as pullets come into lay or lighting changes during lay.

    I know I've read on here that young POL pullets don't have to have the additional hours of lighting, but if they do will it be harmful for them?

    I just added a light to the coop a couple of days ago because of my slackers to hopefully trick them into thinking the days are longer & therefore making them lay. It comes on at 4am-8am. BUT I also have 3 almost 19-week old pullets that could lay any day now, or possibly at least in the next month or so.

    Should I discontinue the lighting? Is it going to affect the young pullets egg making factory in the long run to add lighting at this time? If so, I will deal with the lack of eggs from the older slacker hens to ensure the best production from these young pullets. I don't want to cause nothing to go crazy in their system to affect their egg production or quality if this is such a crucial time for them.

    If I should discontinue lighting (which was only added a couple days ago), should I do it gradually or just take it out period?


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    Aug 16, 2011
    IMO I would leave the light out and let motherr nature do its thing. I also have some 18 wkers and have not introdused additional lighting.I think that letting the girls lay when they are ready( w/o adding light to force them to lay) is healthier for them. Thats just my opinion, it might not even affect them health wise. Also, I believe that not forcing them to lay throughout the winter will help them dirrect their energy towards keeping warm. Just my opinion.
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    Jul 19, 2009
    I didnt add the light to try to get the 19-week olds to try to lay earlier, I did it to try to get my older hens to lay by extending hoursof daylight. But, I'm starting to reconsider.

    You brought up a good point...let mother nature run it's course & let the girls focus on staying warm, whether they lay or not. And if the pullets are gonna lay anytime soon, they will regardless of the additional light.

    So, since they have had this light the past couple of days, should I just totally remove it or should I do it gradually...maybe making it come on an hour later for a day or two or what? Since it has only been a couple of days, I was thinking it's ok to just remove it altogether but wasn't sure.
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    I'd just turn the light out they won't know the difference.

  5. Imp

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    It will not hurt your pullets to have the additional light.
    They may start & lay through the winter or wait till next spring.
    If you decide to pull the lights It won't hurt them either way.

    Good luck,

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