10 Years
Jun 3, 2009
Ive got my RIR coming in the moring so i hope. i feel a sleep less nite comeing. The only kind of light buld i have is a 100 watt utility light. will this cause problems with the chicks (im new frist time chicken owner). sorry if this is a dumb question. my temp in the brooder is about 90 .

thanks Sam
Hi Sam, if your brooder is 90 degrees, you should be good! Do you have just one chick coming? You might want to get it a buddy as chicken really aren't solitary creatures. Red lights tend to calm chicks more than white lights but again, if you only have one, that shouldn't be a problem!

Good luck!
sorry i forgot to put that i have 25 all female RIR comeing sorry about that.

I had to go to town a while ago and i pick up one it is a red 250 watt. At about 36 inches high the temp in the brooder is about 105 to hot? thanks for the help

I'm convinced after several years now, that red light is the way to go for the first two weeks.
If there is enough room in the brooder, the chicks will fan out around the "hot spot" on the floor to find the distance that suits them. In fact by watching them in this way, you can tell when its too cold, too hot or too drafty. Ideally they will be evenly dispersed around the brooder floor and not bunched up.

Its a mis-belief that chicks must be immersed in contant heat. On the contrary, they normally move in and out of it to find the spot they like. Make sure they have enough room to do this and you'll do fine.
thanks that make me feel better my brooder 5ft long and 24 inches wide and 24 inch tall

thanks sam208

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